Ten Reasons to use a Realtor with Short Sale Experience
Here are the Top 10 Reasons not to attempt a do-it-yourself or flat fee short sale:

   10. Do you really how to properly price your home to get it sold in a reasonable amount of time, yet at a price that the lender will still approve?

   9. How well will you be able to market the home? Do you have access to the same marketing platforms an experienced Realtor does? Do you have plenty of time to create marketing materials and to make sure the world knows your home is for sale?

   8. Do you have great flexibility to show your home? Buyers today won’t work on your schedule.

   7. How will you qualify buyers?

   6. Do you fully understand the short sale process? Will your lender allow you to short sale the home without a Realtor? Do you know who the investor on your loan is and how that impacts your situation? Do you know what documentation the lender will want and when?

   5. Do you have many hours available to spend sitting on the phone with your lender, access to a fax and scanner to send and upload documents repeatedly?

   4. Do you understand deficiency laws in your state and the tax ramifications of your actions? Do you understand the foreclosure process and timelines in your state?

   3. Do you truly have the skill and ability to negotiate the best terms for your short sale? How many times have you done this before?

   2. What will happen if you…lose the buyer? Are forced to choose HAFA or a traditional short sale? Your home appraises too high? Get denied for the short sale? Inch closer to foreclosure? Are asked for a promissory note or a cash contribution? What will you do in those situations?

   1. Did you know that in a short sale the lender covers your closing costs, including the commissions of an experienced successful short sale Realtor to work on your behalf? That you could have a professional handle this entire situation and negotiate with the bank, likely at NO COST TO YOU? Would that make you reconsider the do it yourself approach?